Scientific Inquiry and Critical Thinking

Research Methods

This research was conducted in order to explore the idea of reducing stigma by sharing normative experiences of mental illness, specifically within desired social distance and devaluation-discrimination. This work represents my ability to use scientific reasoning to interpret psychological phenomena and engage in innovative and integrative thinking and problem solving.


Effects of Aging and Depression on Self-Other Comparison on Dementia Symptoms

As a research assistant for Dr. Dean Von Dras, I was first author on research investigating people of varying ages with depression’s perceptions of dementia symptoms as they apply to self and other scenarios. This work not only displays psychology information literacy, but also the incorporation of sociocultural factors in scientific inquiry.

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Sense of Community in the Online Classroom

As second author on research with Dr. Ryan Martin, I worked within a collaborative and innovative group effort to understand the feelings of community within students who take online classes in the college setting.

PHD club research for MPA