Knowledge Base in Psychology


This paper is a physiological review of electroconvulsive therapy, including a brief discussion of progression throughout history, treatment outcomes, societal debates, and stigma.

physio paper


This presentation is an application of the developmental study of Death, Dying, and Loss, focusing in on death portrayals in modern music today, as well as the implications of death themes in music on developing adolescents.


I used my knowledge of abnormal psychology to create an educational pamphlet on the history, etiology, and treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Additional resources are provided to enhance the understanding of MDD for individuals with the disorder, as well as family and friends.

final fact sheet

Application: Positive Youth Development Program

This paper is a developmental argument for a positive youth development program aiding in the onset of mental disorders, which usually occur between ages 16-24. Here, I implemented my  understanding of middle childhood and adolescent development. A version of this program is currently being put into motion with the help of Depression Bipolar Support Alliance, Brown County, a program for which I sit on the board of directors.

Final finished PYD paper for human dev 332